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Choosing All About Teeth LLC dental billing services and more is the first step toward getting your dental practice organized.

We are proud to be experienced using QuickBooks. We are qualified to get your system up and running quickly and efficiently. Most day-to-day bookkeeping operations are relatively easy to perform after this is completed. Dentists need local control of cash flow, check writing, and daily money management tasks.

We can provide bookkeeping services to small dental practices, even those with multiple locations. Balancing and recording all your business transactions are vital to understanding the financial health of your practice.

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Balancing and Recording all Transactions

Avoid interruptions with cash flow

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Save Workspace

Scalable solution for a growing business

  • Avoid payroll taxes and other benefits associated with permanent employees

  • Our services are available at affordable price

  • No need to have a physical space to house a new employee


Experience Team

A solution to achieve financial goals

  • Accurate monthly and annual reports of financial data

  • Avoid errors such as misclassified expenses, incorrect revenue balances, and /or missing receipts

  • Constantly gaining knowledge and best practices solutions

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More Productive

Increasing revenue

  • Allow providers to effectively run their practice

  • Focus on true growth

  • Enable to better analyze operations and help inform all business decisions

  • Concentrate the efforts and resources on  improvement of its core business

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