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Credentialing is the process of obtaining and reviewing documentation to determine the participation status of a provider in dental insurance. We may require documentation included, but is not limited to, the applicant’s education, training, clinical privileges, experience, licensure, accreditation, certifications, professional liability insurance, malpractice history, and professional competence.

Our team helps you to have peace of mind and concentrate in dentistry. Our services include credentialing and re-credentialing, reviewing the information and documentation collected, as well as verification that the information is accurate and complete.

Our qualified team will obtain, review, and process documentation of each dental provider to ensure dentists provide the best coverage for every patient and receive faster reimbursement.

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Benefits of Credentialing

Scalable Solution for a Growing Business

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Access to the System

  • Getting things done the right way and at the right time of enrollment

  • Eliminating denied claims that can impact to maximize your revenue


Build your Practice

  • Do not get buried in paperwork and the process of enrollment

  • Stay up to date and focus on patient care by eliminating distractions in your work day


Reduce Cost

  • Reduces operating costs by 30-40%

  • Eliminate administrative errors

  • Optimize billing and collections 

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