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Dental Billing

A common concern for many dental practices is assigning codes to report various procedures for reimbursement purposes. Success in dental billing depends, to a great extent, on having a proper understanding of the various code sets (CDT, ICD-10CM) and when to use them. Each code set has a different purpose, and each insurance payer has its own rules for claim submission using these codes.

After we receive the necessary information and other documents along with the claim form, every claim is carefully reviewed before it is sent to an insurance company to ensure that the claim will not be denied due to a clerical error. Then, it will be sent to the insurance provider through an electronic claim system at no additional cost.

We focus on optimizing collections from all third-party providers to ensure that your over ninety (90) days insurance account balances are at a minimum.

Let us handle the revenue side of your practice so you can focus on providing treatments to your patients.

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Benefits of Outsourcing with All About Teeth LLC

The Ultimate time Saving Tool


Cash Flow

  • Increased cash flow and regular insurance payments

  • Profit will get maximized

  • Monthly patient account receivables being processed

  • Significant reduction in account adjustment

  • Practice save 30-40% on operational cost

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Cost Saving

  • Reduce costs

  • Reduce staff size and employees expenses

  • Reduce call volume

  • Eliminate sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, workers compensation, etc.

  • Eliminate training costs

  • Reduce record storage space


Monthly Reports

  • Receive detailed reports

  • Avoidance of payroll taxes

  • Dental billing process will get strenlined

  • No cash-flow interruptions due to staff turnover


Quality Care

  • It will give more time to dentists to focus on core dental activities

  • Eliminate provider/patient payment discussion

  • Staff has more time to answer questions, engage with patients, and promote office services

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