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Verifying benefits for every patient before their dental appointment date is the key to keeping a smooth flow of revenue for the services you provide.

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Insurance Verification

Verifying benefits is the key to keeping a smooth flow of revenue for the services you provide

*One-time setup fee of $250 for all clients.

Small Practices


Per month for less than 30 verifications per location

Medium Practices


Per month for 31-75 verifications per location

Large Practices


Per month for 76-100 verifications per location



Per month for 100+ verifications per location

After the first 100 verifications, you simply pay for the following rates:

  • Standard Insurance Verification — $2.75

  • Complete Insurance Verification — $6.75

Insurance Verification: Price List

Standard Verification

This choice is ideal for verifying additional family members sharing an insurance plan

and/or confirming the benefits of an existing patient of record that already has a full breakdown within the last 6 months. This form includes plan frequencies, history, and benefit maximums of the patient. It is intended to be a basic type of verification of benefits.

The Complete Verification

This is designed to gather and plan coverage details, including dental codes for specific coverage and frequency of treatment. It is an expansion of the information provided in the standard form.

Verifications requested less than 72 business hours before the dental appointment are counted as two insurance verifications in your monthly count or $12.50.

Verifications that could not be completed due to inadequate information are counted as one insurance verification in your monthly count or $0.75.

*We do your data entry at an additional charge.

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