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Insurance Verification

It is essential to verify specific dental and medical codes such as crowns, NSPT and implant placement, or sleep apnea. Prior to the dental appointment, it is imperative to give both the patient and the dentist a financial breakdown of the patient's co-pay, the insurance portion, and the probable write-off amount.

Let us work on these components, freeing up your team to focus more on patient care! We are very thorough with the information we obtain when calling for eligibility and benefits coverage. We utilize the information, along with detailed notes, to each patient's chart within your system.

It will give your staff adequate information on the patient's policy to relay to the patients themselves if any questions should arise during their dental visit. We can verify benefits by both calling the insurance carriers directly and/or by directly accessing insurance web portals.

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Fast Registration

  • Verifying the accuracy of patient registration information and coverage before claim submission, and even patient come in.


Efficient Workflows

  • Eligibility responses are viewed in a concise and consistent format

  • Improves efficiency and allows notification when edits or follow up are required


Boost Revenue

  • Capitalize reimbursement opportunities by electronically managing dental insurance databases

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Save Staff Time

  • Reduce staff time and training with automated eligibility checks and handle a higher volume of patient visits

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