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EFT Reconciliation

With All About Teeth LLC, it is easier and faster to have your claim payments sent directly to your bank account. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or direct deposit is what we offer to our clients' capitated payments directly into their account.

Many of the great benefits are, but not limited to, having access to funds on the same day, increasing efficiency, improving cash flow, and seeing the details about the claim process.

Electronic reconciliation of claim payments and automatic electronic reports streamline payments offer excellent options to dentists to get paid faster and more precisely like what was billed.

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EFT Reconciliation : Quote

Balanced Practice Management

Valued Partnerships

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Electronic Entry

Electronic Reconciliation

  • Easy-to-use search and reporting tools are available

  • Elimination of risks such as paper checks being lost, inaccurate credit deposits, etc

  • Files can be imported directly into a practice management system eliminating the need for manual entry

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Secure Transaction

Professional Guidance

  • Security features to ensure each user's access is strictly controlled

  • Funds can be transferred directly to a bank account thereby improving cash flow

  • Multiple bank accounts can be used if required

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Fast Access

Access to Funds Same Day

  • Provider can be viewed online and printed as and when necessary

  • Payments can be easily matched to the provider

EFT Reconciliation : Clients
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