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Dental Billing

A common concern for many dental practices is assigning codes to report various procedures for reimbursement purposes. Success in dental billing depends, to a great extent, on having a proper understanding of the various code sets (CDT, ICD-10CM) and when to use them. Each code set has a different purpose, and each insurance payer has its own rules for claim submission using these codes.

After we receive the necessary information and other documents along with the claim form, every claim is carefully reviewed before it is sent to an insurance company to ensure that the claim will not be denied due to a clerical error. Then, it will be sent to the insurance provider through an electronic claim system at no additional cost.

We focus on optimizing collections from all third-party providers to ensure that your over ninety (90) days insurance account balances are at a minimum.

Let us handle the revenue side of your practice so you can focus on providing treatments to your patients.

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Insurance Verification

It is essential to verify specific dental and medical codes such as crowns, NSPT and implant placement, or sleep apnea. Prior to the dental appointment, it is imperative to give both the patient and the dentist a financial breakdown of the patient's co-pay, the insurance portion, and the probable write-off amount.

Let us work on these components, freeing up your team to focus more on patient care! We are very thorough with the information we obtain when calling for eligibility and benefits coverage. We utilize the information, along with detailed notes, to each patient's chart within your system.

It will give your staff adequate information on the patient's policy to relay to the patients themselves if any questions should arise during their dental visit. We can verify benefits by both calling the insurance carriers directly and/or by directly accessing insurance web portals.

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Credentialing is the process of obtaining and reviewing documentation to determine the participation status of a provider in dental insurance. We may require documentation included, but is not limited to, the applicant’s education, training, clinical privileges, experience, licensure, accreditation, certifications, professional liability insurance, malpractice history, and professional competence.

Our team helps you to have peace of mind and concentrate in dentistry. Our services include credentialing and re-credentialing, reviewing the information and documentation collected, as well as verification that the information is accurate and complete.

Our qualified team will obtain, review, and process documentation of each dental provider to ensure dentists provide the best coverage for every patient and receive faster reimbursement.


EFT Recoicialing

With All About Teeth, it is easier and faster to have your claim payments sent directly to your bank account. Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) or direct deposit is what we offer to our clients' capitated payments directly into their account.

Many of the great benefits are, but not limited to, having access to funds on the same day, increasing efficiency, improving cash flow, and seeing the details about the claim process.

Electronic reconciliation of claim payments and automatic electronic reports streamline payments offer excellent options to dentists to get paid faster and more precisely like what was billed.



Choosing All About Teeth dental billing services and more is the first step toward getting your dental practice organized.

We are proud to be experienced using QuickBooks. We are qualified to get your system up and running quickly and efficiently. Most day-to-day bookkeeping operations are relatively easy to perform after this is completed. Dentists need local control of cash flow, check writing, and daily money management tasks.

We can provide bookkeeping services to small dental practices, even those with multiple locations. Balancing and recording all your business transactions are vital to understanding the financial health of your practice.

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