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7 Steps to sending cleans Insurance claims

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

One of the top reasons your insurance aging report may be larger than you would like is because your office is not sending clean claims. For a claim to be sent correctly electronically, certain steps must be performed, and details included. At All About Teeth, we work hard so you can continue to provide excellence in dentistry and not having to worry about cash flow.

Check insurance eligibility before the patient arrive.

Checking insurance eligibility early is an easy way to get in front of these aging claims and catch would-be denials before the patient steps foot in the office.

Have all patient information correct in your dental software

get all this information before you even get off the phone with them initially and have all their information ready before their first visit.

Have all insurance information correct in your dental software

Take the extra step to double-check that all this information is filled out in your software.

Take diagnostic x-rays preop and postop, as well as intraoral photos

Take the extra seconds to double-check your x-rays and make sure they are of diagnostic quality.

Add the correct attachments

Not all claims are created equal. Remember: It is always better to send more information needed than less.

Check rejections daily

You should be checking your rejected claims often. Doing a little bit every day helps keep your workload down in the long run.

Run your insurance reports

There are four reports that I run at least monthly.

Batch any claims that have not yet been batched. Find any procedures that snuck through and got lost in the batch and are not attached to an insurance claim. Check those secondary claims that were not created after primary pays. You can set up your system for these to be created automatically after a primary payment is posted. Locate any claims that you created but, for whatever reason, never sent off to the insurance company.

If you are ready to decrease your stress and increase your profits and feel outsourcing your dental billing is right for you, call us and I will be happy to chat with you.

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