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A Season of Generosity

Five ways to help foster generosity

  1. Give experiences.

  2. Gifts do not always need to come in the form of material possessions. Giving experiences can be of value as well. This can include time with caregivers, such as a set of tickets that children can “turn in” to bake together, do arts and crafts, go skating, swimming, hiking or to a movie or the theatre. These experiences are also opportunities to discuss the value of family connection and making memories.

  3. Give to those in need.

  4. Discuss the legend of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) and his spirit of giving to those who are less fortunate. Fell the joy and courage add a gift to someone in need to their Christmas or birthday wish list, or to give used or unused material possessions (such as toys, books or clothing) to those without.

  5. Give without expecting anything in return.

  6. The core concept of generosity is to give without conditions. Remember that being charitable is unconditional. Several reputable local, national and international organizations have charitable gift-giving programs for children in need, for pets, and elderly institutions.

  7. Give the gift of time.

  8. Come up with a list of ways they could give their time to someone else. This could be shovelings someone’s driveway, weeding a neighbor's garden or cleaning up his or her local park. They could also give their time to an organization in need of volunteers (for example a soup kitchen).

  9. Give year round.

  10. Generosity and kindness shouldn’t just happen over the holidays. Make these concepts part of your everyday family life and try to schedule acts of kindness together. At the dinner table, at work, in your neighborhood ask your self.. when was the time you showed kindness? and share whit others when you showed kindness or generosity to someone in your professional or personal life.

Giving gifts is certainly part of being generous. The Season of Generosity is a time that we focus on giving, both of our time and our treasures!

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