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Celebrating Veterans Day

Every year on November 11, Americans honor the 19.6 million active and former US service members who have gone to war.

Veterans Day is marked by parades, speeches and solemn ceremonies offering a nation's appreciation.

Here are ways to go beyond saying "thanks for your service" and truly make a difference in a veteran's life -- on this day and throughout the year.

Veterans contribute to American society in many ways — and not just during their time in active duty. Throughout our history, service members have put on their uniforms to protect the values and liberties that this nation was built on.

That doesn’t stop once the uniform comes off and the veterans’ time in active duty has ended. Veterans take the lessons they have learned and the experiences they’ve gained and continue their service to our nation by strengthening our communities. They become our nation’s leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Salute to everyone who has made an immense sacrifice for the country. Your patriotism is an example for all of us. Thank you very much. Happy Veterans Day

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