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Essential terms regarding insurance verification (Part IV)


Our expert team ensure to verify from the insurance company whether or not a deductible applies. And we ask if it applies to preventative treatments or not. Note some insurance companies even apply a deductible to cleanings or exams for preventative services. You must verify this when calling the insurance company.

Additionally, not all insurance companies cover 100% preventative services and do not apply deductible. Although most do, some only apply deductible to certain preventive services. Some patients assume insurance covers their yearly or twice in a year x-rays and cleaning at 100%. Ensure the insurance company verifies this to prevent any unpleasant surprises on payday.

Dental benefits as-of date

Also, it is important to remember to write down the exact date we called the patient’s insurance company. Benefits change from time to time, depending on if the patient changes their insurance plan. Also, insurance companies can decide to change the patient’s benefits.

Additionally, for future references we, keep a record of any changes you make to the sheet. If, for instance, the patient decides to change insurance policies, open a fresh template. The new template should include the patient’s benefits on the new insurance plan.

Benefits used to date

This applies to new patients who recently left their old dentist during the benefit period. You’ll need to inquire how much the patient used during the rest of the benefit period.

Afterward, update this information on your office’s record. It will help you know if the amount for treating the patient is above the maximum their insurance covers.

Secondary or primary insurance

It’s crucial to know if the insurance is the patient’s primary or secondary insurance. Most patients are not sure if their insurance information supplied is the primary or secondary insurance information.

If it’s their secondary insurance, the insurance company will deny your payment. You will have to tender a statement of Estimate of Benefit from the primary insurance.

How long can it take for insurance to approve dental work?

Major procedures may have a waiting period of six months to a year. In contrast, basic procedures have a waiting period within the range of three to six months. For preventive measures, there are no waiting periods. We Us a call we can help You..

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