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Finding Ways to Show Gratitude

As we wind down 2021, it is important to take stock of the things that we are most grateful for in life.

There is so much to be grateful for in life. Are you fully acknowledging that and appreciating what is so important to the core of your soul? Let us face it, you have gone through a lot in these past few years as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. What have you learned? Take a moment, stop, and think about the magnitude of what you have lived through and that which is to come.

When nightmares happen, despite all the bad, there can be a silver lining. Nothing will ever justify the loss of your loved ones or the stress that our healthcare workers have been going through, but it is important to remember that life has gone on. Whether you want it to or not. You are adapting. Even with all the suffering, you are resilient. You are finding strength within yourself and others. So often in life, you feel alone. You think that no one understands what you are going through. So, look at what you have learned along the way.

Have you not seen incredible kindness during this time? I have been able to connect with family that I had not had much contact with for 20 years. I learned to appreciate my health in a way that I never have felt before. Why? Because it can be taken away so very quickly. You do not really appreciate things until you lose it. Perhaps it is an appreciation of your family, health, job, friends, home, grocery store workers, Amazon drivers, etc.?

We encourage you to celebrate and live your life. Enjoy it. Find ways to get pleasure and remember that we are going to be ok. It may seem callous to those who are grieving, and my intentions are not to add to your pain. Just sit still for a minute and think about this “new normal” we are living in. Even with all the stresses that you are enduring, you are surviving. Sometimes, the holiday season is the perfect time to just stop everything, take a deep breath, and appreciate everything in your life. Don’t’ wait until something is taken away from you to realize how fortunate you are. You are truly fortunate to be alive. That is something I will never take for granted. Will you?

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