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Getting Your Staff To Accept Outsourced Dental Billing

Normally it doesn’t take long for a dental practice to grow where the administrative tasks place more demand on the front end staff. When first starting out, many dentists will assign the billing tasks to the front desk or even the office manager. However, there are more tasks than this that this employee ends up with, and they can soon become overwhelming.

When the staff looking after the administrative segment of the dental practice becomes over burdened, then there is a risk for errors. It is not unusual for the billing to be put off to the end of the day, or for billing periods to be missed. Then when the employee does get the chance to work on billing, they may be constantly interrupted with phones ringing for appointments and clients arriving. This is the perfect recipe for errors. There may be no time for following up on overdue accounts, or for dealing with insurance claims issues. All of this can have a direct impact on the cash flow and the overall profitability of the practice.

Opting for A Billing Service When the billing has become an issue, many dentists will make the wise decision to turn to a dental billing service to rectify the problem. However, not everyone in the admin department may see this as a positive step.

Negative Reaction Employees that have been responsible for the billing may see the decision to outsource the dental billing as a negative one. They may be taking this as a reflection that they are not doing their job properly. They are well aware that mistakes may be occurring but also realize they are not at fault for this. However, this billing task being taken away from them is being perceived as a form of punishment because of the errors. Another thought may be that they are being replaced, and this could affect the number of hours they will be required to work. This will make them feel apprehensive and unsettled in the work environment.

Dealing With The Negativity It is up to those in charge of the dental practice to put the billing staff at ease very quickly. If they positively approach the staff as this being a good move, the staff are more likely to accept the change. They are not going to take it personally and will realize that it is being done to make their workload lighter. They will realize that they are being put in a better position to carry out the rest of their tasks more efficiently.

Making The Transition By deciding to use All About Teeth LLC as your dental billing service, the transition from the office to us will be done seamlessly. We will work with your staff to achieve this positively. Give us a call today at (305) 335-7491 , so your staff can put their attention on all the other important tasks that make your dental practice a success. By doing so, you are protecting your cash flow, creating a less strenuous work environment, and scaling up your profit margins. We are here to help with the transition and to help the practice succeed.

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