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How to verify dental insurance benefits? (Part II)

We use fax, automated services, or an online portal. Furthermore, consistently ask your patients if there are any changes in their information. Also, our team verify their insurance plan by getting in touch with the insurance company. Here are some ways All About Teeth LLC uses to speed the process of verify patients’ insurance benefits:

Automated services

What we have to do is log in to your account and check your patients’ eligibility. However, automated services don’t provide stipulations and aren’t detailed enough.

They aren’t 100% accurate when it comes to waiting periods. Also, automated services require manually call the insurance company to determine stipulations with some types of procedures. Making the process long and time consuming.

Form for in-office dental insurance verification

Our team has to call the insurance company of the patient to fill this form. It’s the best insurance verification method that provides you with all the details you require. However, it takes up considerable time compared to other methods of insurance verification.

IV Services

Insurance verification services allow you spend more time with your patients, and less worrying about insurance. Our services call on your behalf to get any eligibility information you require. We also call on your behalf to get any eligibility information you require.

Online portal

Not many dental insurance providers have a portal online where you can go through patients’ claims. Your office must have online records for the insurance companies you work with.

It will also help if you didn’t depend on this method to get information. This method isn’t reliable for some stipulations like waiting periods for root planing and scaling.


Several companies may provide only a certain percentage of information about different procedures via fax. Also, they may not include the history of service prior dates.

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