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Incomplete Treatments and Practice Revenue

Having business with All About Teeth LLC dental billing and more is one way to run your dental practice efficiently. And it is accompanied by other benefits too, such as regular reports and ways to increase the revenue of the company.

In many practices, reaching out to patients with incomplete treatment does not happen with any consistency, blocking out time for re-calls is essential to getting these patients back in the chair.

The longer it takes a practice to contact a patient, the less likely that patient is to follow through with treatment. Giving the task to one of your team to scheduling reminder calls on a consistent basis by blocking time on the office manager's calendar will increase the chances of having those patients back.

"If we don't block some time to reach out to these patients who have not completed treatment, we will do it very inconsistently and chaotically, which will result in a very low-level situation in terms of increasing your practice production.

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