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Information needed when calling the insurance company (Part III)

Our team ’ll need the following for proper insurance verification:

  • Your office tax ID

  • Name of subscriber

  • Date of birth of subscriber

  • Social security or ID of the subscriber.

Use a printable dental insurance verification form

A printable dental insurance verification form helps us and the provider keep a record of patients’ benefits information. For us is useful to use the same template for all your patients. It will save you time and minimize compliance issues.

You’ll need:

  • Patient’s name

  • Appointment date

  • Contact info of insurance company

  • Social security number, etc.

In addition to the above, the insurance verification form, we also include:

  • Payor ID

  • Claim mailing address

  • Tooth implant coverage

  • Cleanings, crowns, and build-up coverage

  • Frequencies for x-rays and panoramic

  • Insurance plan benefits. It includes annual deduction amount in dollars, policy duration, annual maximum, waiting periods, fee schedule.

Without this information, the insurance provider will not give out the patient’s correct benefit information. Therefore, get patients to supply this information when filling their insurance verification form. It all makes the process easier. This is why most dentists want to find a company that offer the service with experience in insurance verification.

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