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Learning the art of delegation will lead to a great leader

Sometimes the most powerful thing a great leader can do is know when to hand off a task.

Knowing when to delegate is one of the best skills a leader can possess. Effective delegating:

  • Makes sure the job is done by an individual or team capable of successfully completing it

  • Gives the leader more time to spend on leadership functions (e.g., building the team, planning development, and executing the vision)

  • Gives the right degree of freedom to those doing the task so that they are not over-supervised or given a job they cannot complete without support

  • Allows the individual or team to maximize skills and knowledge development

  • Reduces sources of potential conflict within the team

Why leaders fail to delegate

Fear of change, trust issues, the inability to train, and loss of control and power are common challenges that pop up when delegating. Saying, “I'll do it myself,” is based on fear of change and lack of trust. How about, “I can do it better.” This may be true, at least in the beginning, but if you praise a student and provide the necessary training, they can do it well. That means one more thing off your plate.

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