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Types of dental insurance coverage (Part III)

Now let’s talk about the various places you can get your insurance coverage.

Employer coverage

Most people with private insurance get it through their employer or some other kind of a group insurance plan. This is typically a less expensive way to get coverage, but not always so do your homework. It depends on the type of plan your employer offers.

Large employers are more likely to offer dental benefits, but some smaller companies also offer coverage.

Individual plans

If you don’t have access to dental coverage through your employer, you can get an individual or family plan. Most preventative care costs will be 100% covered, however always read carefully to understand your whole coverage package.


The government program for patients 65 and over doesn’t cover most dental care. There is one exception, however. Medicare Part A, which is hospital insurance, will cover certain dental services if the patient receives them while they are in the hospital.

VA benefits

Eligible individuals can buy discounted dental insurance through the VA. Coverage is offered through Delta Dental and MetLife. The patient is responsible for paying premiums as well as the full cost of copays.


Medicaid is another publicly-funded source of dental benefits used for people who can’t afford dental care. Eligibility is based on income and coverage tends to be very limited.

All states are required to offer dental benefits to children, but each state can decide what they want to offer for adults. Most states offer at least emergency dental care coverage but fewer than half of the states offer comprehensive dental coverage for adults.

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