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Verifying dental insurance benefits

Insurance verification is essential when it comes to dental care. If you fail to verify patients’ insurance benefits, you won’t know if a deductible applies to a new patient’s first visit — and the practice may lose money later. You’ll also prevent getting less than expected payment from insurance.

Often, we find many patients are ignorant about the four insurance payment concepts. They include:

  • Deductible

  • Co-insurance

  • Co-pay

  • Out-of-pocket maximum

However, you can only explain these payment concepts to your patients if you know their insurance benefits. Here are some things you stand to gain from patients’ insurance verification:

  • Prevention of a denial of payment from patients’ insurance providers for root planing and scaling

  • Prevention of a denial of payment for an emergency appointment and limited exam for existing patients

  • Prevention of reduced payment for cleaning and examination visit

  • Prevention of a denial of payment from insurance for a new patients' preventive visit

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