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When Digitizing Your Dental Practice Don’t Forget Outsourcing

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

2020 was a year of great uncertainty for dental providers. The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered offices for weeks and months. Meanwhile, back-office employees worked remotely to keep up with the practice’s finances, and for those offices still relying on paper invoices, paper checks, and manual inputs, it was extremely difficult.

As they look ahead, dental practices are reshaping their back offices to protect them from the kind of operational disruptions created by the pandemic. For many, even the most basic business functions like receiving invoices and paying bills were a challenge. Pre-pandemic, nearly 90% of small/medium healthcare entities still received paper invoices and utilized manual invoice data entry, according to a report from Level Research. The pandemic has changed that dramatically.

Until now, most dental practices did not believe digital solutions for dental billing, Insurance verification and other task were a high priority. But the reality is that the back-office operations in these organizations have quietly struggled with manual processes for years. Slow patient payments negatively impact cash flow. Manual approval processes and paper checks create more work for short staff and limit the visibility into cash positions and control of spending.

Today, many dental practices are taking a serious look at their options for automating back-office functions like remote dental billing, insurance verification, credentialing and bookkeeping to maximaxi time with patients and increase revenue.

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